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概况:【实物剖析】单球橡胶接头剖析“教你看清真面目” 4008com云顶集团官方网站为您先容:【实物剖析】淞江集团单球橡胶接头剖析“教你看清真面目”信息,淞江集团为网民提供橡胶接头行业的性常识,教会......


Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd. official website for you to introduce: [physical analysis] Song Jiang Group single ball rubber joint analysis "teach you to see the face of the face" information, Songjiang group for the Internet users to provide professional knowledge of rubber joint industry, teach you how to discern a good product, the following is a detailed introduction.



The so-called steel wire is the reinforcing steel wire at both ends of the rubber pipe body. This steel wire plays the function of preventing and removing, avoiding the rubber plate from pulling out of the flange slot and playing the role of strengthening. However, there is no steel wire in the middle part, as follows:


For example, the internal structure mainly includes inner layer glue, skeleton layer and outer layer glue. The inner layer is composed of three kinds, the inner rubber plays the role of protection, the outer rubber plays the anti aging effect, the middle skeleton plays the pressure effect. All the rubber joints produced by the Songjiang group are in the same polyester with the tire skeleton layer. The cord, the thickness and the number of layers are all thickened, so that the rubber joint 16KG of Songjiang group is strictly in accordance with the national standard of 1.5 times the test pressure, light and loose to reach the result.

A high quality rubber joint is not as long as the good production process is qualified, then the selection of raw materials is also a part of the important link, then look at the rubber joint produced by Songjiang group is how to select the raw material, to understand the detailed click the above link.

一套科学 的橡胶接头生产流程的结果必不可缺少的就是性能检测,一般大多数都是检测了承压,承压只是一时的合格,而性能的检测是对产品使用的效果检测,这也是对客户的敬重,后面大家还会有爆破压力检测和疲劳检测等更、更负责的把橡胶接头产品做好。了解淞江集团橡胶接头性能检测请点击:2018年橡胶接头性能检测结果报告
A set of scientific rubber joint production process results must not be lack of performance testing, most of which are tested under pressure, the pressure is only qualified for a moment, and the performance testing is the test of the effect of the use of the product, which is also the respect to the customers, and we will also have the blasting pressure testing and fatigue testing. More professional and more responsible for the rubber joint products. To understand the performance of Songjiang group's rubber joint, please click on the above link.

A high quality rubber joint is from: raw material - scientific formula - automatic mixing - automatic molding - Automatic vulcanization - product testing - performance testing in order to say to customers that our products are qualified, please be assured of use.



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