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JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器

服务内容:JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器

概况:JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器 Rubber shock absorber of JA923510W rubber damper generator 4008com云顶集团官方网站为您先容:JA923510W橡胶减震器信息,淞江集团为发电机推荐优质的......

JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器
Rubber shock absorber of JA923510W rubber damper generator

4008com云顶集团官方网站为您先容:JA923510W橡胶减震器信息,淞江集团为发电机推荐优质的橡胶减震器产品,尤其用在发电机、引擎和系统方面,减震效果非常良好,运用范围大约在25Hz (1.500 rpm )。
Shanghai Songjiang absorber group limited official website for your introduction: JA923510W rubber shock absorber, Songjiang generator group recommended rubber damper quality products, especially in the generator, engine and system, the damping effect is very good, the range is about 25Hz (1.500 rpm).

JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器


JA rubber shock absorber shows that:
1, the internal rubber and iron completely glued together with a safety lock, in addition to the safety of parts.
2, the shock absorber can achieve a high shock absorption effect in the axial and lateral pressure.

3. It is suitable for all kinds of generator, water pump, fan, air conditioning unit and so on.JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器


The JA damping rubber shock absorber is made up of upper and lower shells and rubber damping layer. It is suitable for vibration and shock isolation of all kinds of machinery with 1500 revolutions and above. The natural frequency is 10Hz under the rated load. The structure is simple, the installation and update is convenient, and the use is safe and reliable. Various types of installation are suitable for a variety of installation forms, such as flat, side and side hanging. The lateral stiffness is higher than the longitudinal stiffness, and the lateral stability is better when it is flat.
JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器

水泵、柴油发电机、空压机及电机等诸多设备。 ?荷载范围:30-700Kg。

Applicable equipment:

Many equipment such as water pump, diesel generator, air compressor and motor and so on. Load range: 30-700Kg.JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器

JA型发电机橡胶减震器在轴向压力及侧向压力可达到高度的减震效果,尤其用在发电机、引擎和系统方面,减震效果非常良好,运用范围大约在25Hz (1.500 rpm )。


The JA type rubber shock absorber can achieve high damping effect on axial pressure and lateral pressure, especially for generators, engines and systems. The damping effect is very good, and the application range is about 25Hz (1.500 RPM).

The internal rubber and iron piece completely glued, can provide the best damping effect, and also comes with safety lock parts, to ensure safety.JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器

了解该产品详细参数请查看:【样册P86】JA型 橡胶减振器

JA923510W橡胶减震器 发电机橡胶减震器信息来源于4008com云顶集团官方网站,如需了解更多减震器产品请点击:弹簧减震器


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