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概况:【镀锌】DN300镀锌法兰橡胶接头“送8.8级限位装置” 4008com云顶集团官方网站为您先容:【镀锌】DN300镀锌法兰橡胶接头“送8.8级限位装置”信息,淞江集团为众多高端客户配套DN300镀锌法兰橡胶接头,......


The official website of Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd. is introduced to you: "galvanized DN300" single ball galvanized flange rubber joint "send 8.8 level limit device" information, Songjiang group for?many high-end customers to provide?DN300 single ball galvanized flange rubber joint, and also free of charge 8.8 level limit device, play the role of reinforcement and prevention. .





The galvanized flanged rubber joint is cold galvanized by forging flanges, then combined with rubber pipes, and adding a limiting device to prevent the pull off. The DN300 single ball galvanized flange rubber joint plays the role of shock absorption and noise reduction in the process of use, and protects the long of the pump equipment. It is the noise reduction choice of many pump houses.
The limit device shows that the limited rubber joint products produced by Songjiang group are equipped with high strength limit equipment. All the screws are 8.8 stages of high strength, not 4.8 comparable. The ear plate is also widened, enlarged and thickened without contrast. The effect of noise reduction.

The DN300 single ball galvanized flange rubber joint produced by Songjiang group is all qualified through the Shanghai quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, and through the performance testing of the national type test center and the performance testing of the Shanghai rubber product research center, Songjiang group successfully passed the production license of pressure pipeline in rubber joint industry in 2016. Please click the link above.





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